I’m Still Growing Up!

Most kids dream of what their life will be when they grow up… What will I do for a living? Who will I marry?  What will my life (lifestyle) look like?

As an adult I still find myself wondering what will I do or be when I grow up?  The thought embarrassed me for a long time because as an adult I assume I should already know what I want to be when I grow up but I realized that I’m still growing up!  My interests, likes and dislikes, desires and yes, my dreams change as I mature and experience life.  Armed with that revelation, I began to dream again without embarrassment and revisited some of the ideas that I had as a kid.  The difference between now and then is I have the tools to make my dreams a reality.  My dreams are the “visual” of what I want to achieve and by taking small steps in my every day life I can make them come true.  We’re all busy and sometimes so busy that we forget our dreams.  Using a vision board helps to keep your dreams in front of you….so you don’t forget them when life get hectic.  Its tough doing it all alone…so why do it all alone?  Get help for a friend, accountability partner, use electronics to be your support system.  You can partner and the two of you can support one another other to make sure you both actively pursue your vision and use the keys to success to make your vision a reality.

Ways to use your vision board
Physical - Post your vision board on a wall in your home, some place you will see it daily.  A hidden vision board can be forgotten also.

Mobile – Take a picture of your vision board with your phone and make it your phone background or desk top background for your tablet or laptop.

Reminders – Use the calendar on your phone to set reminders of what you intend to accomplish at future dates (milestones).

You can also have a friend send you Reminders or To Do action steps to achieve your vision step by step and you can do the same for her.  Then you’ve got someone to celebrate with when you complete a step or achieve the entire dream.

Take it step by step - Break your vision down into manageable steps that are spread out over a reasonable time so you can achieve them as part of your everyday life.


Achieve your Vision
If creating the steps to achieve your vision is a bit of a challenge, help is available. Download your guide to “Moving from Vision to Acheivement”. or Start Here
to receive one-on-one coaching to transfer your vision into actionable steps for achievement.
Now it’s your turn…. I’m willing…..are you?
Coach Pamela, Author, “Success Simplified” and “Planning Success” Coaching Program to achieve your vision.