Don’t eat pre-chewed food…

First impressions are lasting but often you don’t have the opportunity to receive your own first impression because you’ve received an impression from someone else.  If you’ve ever been “judged” by an impression… that was based on a different persons opinion, you know what I’m talking about.  A new relationship can never begin at the beginning when its based on an impression that started with someone else.  Accepting someone else’s experience and opinions as your own makes you “live” in their reality. It’s like eating food that someone else already chewed.  Every relationship has the right to begin at the beginning of your experiences together, not in the middle of someone else’s opinion.

Receiving the opinions of others happens through physical gesters – rolling the eyes, or verbal gestures – a sigh, negative tone of voice when speaking about them or the actual words used to speak about them.  We hear labels used to describe this person, such as lazy, stupid, sleezy.  When we meet them we already have opinions (pre-chewed food) formed and respond to them as if those opinions are our own and our first impression is not truly OUR first impression. OUR first impression, interaction is forever tainted with the labels, comments and opinions from someone else.  We’ve swallowed pre-chewed food to feed a new relationship.

When you remove the labels, comments and opinions that others have formed about the person in front of you, you begin to form your own opinions and create a relationships with that person based on what you know about them.

To create a truly new or first impression, ask yourself: What do I know for myself about him or her?  When did we meet and what did he or she say or do when I was talking to them?  When you meet them, look for the opposite of what you’re heard about them. If what you heard is true, it will show up even though you’re not looking for it.  Give your first impression a chance to be a FIRST impression.

Speak, Love and Respond from your own experiences. Give every friendship, love relationships, business relationships and social relationship the oportunity to develop and grow based on your interactions. Don’t you want that for yourself? The world is give and receive…To receive what you want…give what you want.

#BELIEVE in yourself and #LOVE for yourself to #RECEIVE what YOU want in YOUR life.

Be Blessed!